Born to be British and forever loyal to its customers, William Morris London takes pride in their worldwide distinctive fashion brand. Taking pleasure in designing frames in the heart of London with the optician’s desires at the forefront of their mind. With the Founder and Creator remaining at the forefront of the brand since 1996, Robert William Morris has ensured, as well as proven that his new fangled designs capture the eyes of many. Working around the clock to warrant not only the success of the brand, Robert continuously challenges an item originally deemed as a necessity and transforms it into a fashion component that people no longer feel they need to wear but want to wear.

The latest colours, shapes and styles have been carefully handpicked for the brand new Spring/ Summer 2019 launch. Full of directional shades, bright hues and pastel tones, this year’s new line prepares for a wild adventure yet promises a fresh beginning. Lighter colours for brighter mornings, warm shades for toasty evenings, and pastel colours to stimulate the senses of blooming flowers on a fresh field.
The London collection is for the young outgoing unique individual, with a sense of passion for fashion, a sway to their hips and a love for London. Bursting with colour and just waiting to be discovered, this year’s new collection is bound to put a spring in your steps.

The new Spring/Summer 19 London collection created by William Morris expresses orginal great British eyewear with a play on 80’s inspired metal frames and retro colours. Lightweight, and slender, yet durable and lasting, means that you can lead an eventful lifestyle whilst your frames support you every step of the way.