Building on the great success of our Terra-Cycle contact lens recycling, Abernethy Owens is the first Optometry Company in WA to introduce a new Terra-Cycle recycling initiative for old spectacle lenses and broken frames and parts.

From November 2020 all 5 Abernethy Owens practices will be equipped with dedicated recycling containers for disused spectacle lenses and frame parts.  While fully functional old spectacles are donated via various charity groups for re-use, historically there has been no practical way to responsibly dispose of redundant prescription lenses, demonstration lens inserts and damaged or broken frame parts. 

“Participating in this latest recycling initiative helps Abernethy Owens Optometrists move another step closer to our goal of reducing waste. Now when our customers ask about recycling these items we can reassure them they no longer have to end up in land fill” 

Mark Smith. Abernethy Owens Partner.