Why different coloured sunglass lenses?


One question our team of Optical dispensers often get asked is "why is there a choice of colours in sunglass lenses and what do the different colours mean?

In terms of lens colours sunglass lenses can be broken into two broad categories.


Neutral lenses normally feature grey shades. Sometimes the grey will have a slightly greenish, bluish or brownish hue incorporated. These lens colours are referred to as neutral because they don't interfere with the natural colour of the environment around us. Generally neutral lenses are also tinted to a maximum darkness level.


Contrast lenses feature more dramatic colouration such as brown, amber and even rose. As the term suggests these lens colours alter the natural colours of the environment around us by accentuating certain colours and retarding others. This has the effect of enhancing contrast in some conditions. Sometimes contrast lenses are lighter than their neutral counterparts.

As a general rule of thumb, neutral lenses are great for extremely bright conditions where there is little to no shadows and full sunlight.

Contrast lenses are often recommended for lower light conditions where shadows might be present or ambient light levels are lower. Contrast lenses are more forgiving in these environments.

Our team of qualified Optical Dispensers are well versed in sunglass lens science and will help guide you with your lens choice to ensure your sunglasses suit your application.