Wouldn't it be great to have just one pair of glasses for all light conditions?

Imagine you're outside and walking from the dark, cool shadow straight into bright sunlight. You should really change your glasses but wouldn't it be a lot easier if they could simply adapt to the light? Sensity lenses can! Sensity light reactive lenses adapt to all light conditions and change colour according to the light. Outdoors they darken to become sunglasses, Indoors they lighten again and become exceptionally clear. During these changes the UV protection remains constantly active. Whatever your day looks like, your glasses will adapt. Sensity lenses are ready for all seasons and with Stabilight Technology they are designed to perform consistently across different climates, regions and weather circumstances.

Light Sensitive and High Speed Light Reactive.

It's no coincidence that these lenses are called Sensity. They darken outdoors in all light conditions, and we mean all light conditions. Whether you're standing directly in the sunlight or in the shade, Sensity lenses darken without you even noticing it. The best part of it is that they are perfectly equipped to deal with flare and glare. They do so without compromising contrast or colour perception and Hoya Sensity lenses quickly fade back to full clarity when indoors. Light sensitivity at its best! Sensity lenses darken to category 3 sun lenses faster than ever before, quickly fading back to clear as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes.

Sensity light reactive lenses are available in a natural grey, brown and green tone. All colours have been professionally defined to ensure natural colour perception and superior contrast handling. The Hoya Sensity range also includes Sensity Dark - for those who like need a little more protection from the birght Australian sun and Sensity Shine - a light mirror tint for those who want to stay on trend with the latest fashion. Hoya Sensity is available on all single vision and multifocal lenses from the Hoya portfolio. Come in to view the Sensity colour samples and pick your match today.