Prescription Diving Masks and Swimming Goggles


If you wear glasses and enjoy diving or swimming you may have had difficulty doing these activities without your prescription glasses. The good news is that we can help provide a solution with the ability to provide both prescription diving masks and prescription swimming goggles.

In the case of diving masks, these can be supplied with mass produced lenses in common powers for both long and short sighted requirements or, if your prescription is more complex such as being for high astigmatism, we can custom produce lenses to suit and have them bonded to the inside of your favourite diving mask.This provides an accurate visual correction for even the most complex of prescriptions.

Swimming goggles are available in a wide range of lens powers for both long and short sighted corrections. Imagine getting out of the pool and being able to see where you left your towel !!

We can help source the best solution for your love of the water. Just ask at any Abernethy Owens practice for more information.