Whether you have been wearing glasses for years or you have just been told you need them, you might have found yourself wondering if you should have more than one pair? The answer is a resounding YES. Of course, a spare pair is  essential if you happen to lose or break them, but there are many other reasons why every person needing prescription glasses should own multiple pairs. Here’s our top reasons why you should have more than one pair of glasses.

To Prevent Digital Eyestrain

Many of us spend all day behind a computer screen then at night we either watch television or spend hours on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, all of which challenge our visual coordination. While your everyday glasses may help with these tasks, a purpose-made pair of ‘intermediate glasses’ that focus on intermediate and near distances can be incredibly useful in reducing eyestrain when spending longer periods doing these tasks. Another consideration is adding a blue light filter to your spectacles, this will increase screen contrast and also help to reduce eye strain.

To Match Your Outfit

Just like different accessories can transform your style, spectacle frames can do the same. While everyday glasses can be versatile frames that blend with most fashion choices, it’s nice to have some options for when you want to change up your look or create a bold statement. Whatever look you’re going for – sophisticated, sassy, casual or chic - multiple pairs of glasses will ensure you have the perfect accessory for any aesthetic. When choosing glasses, it’s a good idea to pick one pair with a professional appearance that are suitable for workdays, a second pair with a signature look and classic pair for those special occasions like weddings and big events.

To Read

As we approach 40 years of age, it’s natural that the ability to focus on near objects wanes. This is known as Presbyopia and it can make it difficult to enjoy the weekend newspapers or read text messages from your friends and family. If you already wear glasses for vision correction but suddenly find yourself struggling to read, you may be in need of specific reading glasses. Talk to your optometrist about the options available, they may even suggest progressive lenses, which will enable you to see all distances clearly.

For Sports and Outdoor Adventures

Everyday glasses are not always ideal for your favourite sport or hobby. For sporting enthusiasts and those with an active lifestyle, there are many prescription options for eyewear that can be used in water sports, winter sports, driving and other activities. For boating and fishing, prescription polarized sunglasses will help reduce glare from the water and protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays. For hiking and camping you will need durable glasses that won’t scratch and break easily. No matter which sport or hobby you regularly undertake, having a pair of glasses specific for the activity will ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Talk to Your Perth Optometrist Today

Finding the right pair of glasses isn’t always easy. During your eye test, talk to your optometrist about which frames and lenses are right for you. Depending on your lifestyle, age and vision correction needs, you will likely find that you will benefit from having more than one pair of eyeglasses. For thorough eye examinations and individualised eye care, Fremantle, Kardinya, Rockingham, Woodvale and Floreat are all home to a local Abernethy Owens practice. Book an appointment online now.