Introducing EnRoute Lenses  

See better, go further

EnRoute lenses are specifically designed for motorists, whilst also being perfect for everyday wear.

EnRoute combines a number of technologies to reduce distracting glare and enhance contrast while simultaneously eliminating unwanted reflections and ghost images. This is achieved by the inclusion of a contrast enhancing filter within the lens to improve brightness perception in low light conditions. This filter also absorbs high energy visible light coming from on-board equipment, street lighting and LED and Xenon headlights. Disturbing reflections are controlled with an advanced antireflection coating on the lens surface. These two technologies work together to combat the most troublesome aspects of driving. Contrast and Glare.  

There are two versions of EnRoute. EnRoute Daily and EnRoute Pro.

EnRoute Daily has a lighter more subtle contrast filter making it suitable as a substitute for regular clear glasses. EnRoute Pro has a more pronounced contrast filter and is tailored more towards the professional driver or someone who spends long hours behind the wheel. Both versions have outstanding blue light filtering capability incorporated into the lens.

EnRoute Pro lenses are particularly helpful when driving in bad weather as the additional water droplets in the air and on the wind screen exacerbate the scattering of light and unwanted reflections.

All EnRoute lenses are available in both Single Vision and Multifocal lens designs making it possible for wearers to have clear vision at all working distances. The multifocal design is customizable for both fields of vision and working distances and allows us to fine tune for specific applications.   

EnRoute prescription lenses are produced using Hoya's latest free form lens grinding technology to ensure the most accurate prescription is available to the wearer in all positions of gaze.

Although EnRoute lenses have been developed with driving in mind, they can be suitable for a wide variety of applications where enhanced contrast and reduced glare is desirable. They are not considered a replacement for sunglasses used in bright day time situations but can certainly be used as an every day alternative to clear glasses.  For driving at night or in low light conditions they are unsurpassed.

Abernethy Owens Optometrists are excited to bring you the incredible EnRoute lens technology. Between the 1st of August and the 31st of October 2019 all EnRoute lenses are available at $100 off their regular retail price. If you're keen to try this amazing lens technology contact us to take advantage of this special pricing!